Medium Active Wheelchairs

Medium Active Wheelchairs

What makes Invacare’s Medium Active Wheelchair range an excellent choice

Invacare’s Action range of wheelchairs offers a host of possibilities for individuals seeking performance at an affordable price.

Manual wheelchair Invacare Action 4 NG red frame

Invacare Action 4 NG manual wheelchair

The Invacare Action 4NG is the most durable model in the Action family. Built to accommodate individuals who maybe taller and heavier with a reinforced chassis and double cross...

Manual wheelchair Invacare Action 3 NG blue frame

Invacare Action 3 NG manual wheelchair

The Invacare Action 3NG manual wheelchair is a sleek and stylish chair for everyday use. A highly versatile design enabling the wheelchair to be as modified as you need according...

Action 2NG manual wheelchair

Invacare Action 2 NG manual wheelchair

The Action 2NG specifications meet the needs of clients refusing to compromise on safety or comfort. The next generation Action 2NG offers a low total weight for easy folding...

Invacare Action Ampla bariatric wheelchair

The multi-award winning Invacare Action Ampla manual wheelchair is specifically designed to cater for the needs of Bariatric or Plus sized individuals. Carefully developed to...

Manual wheelchair Invacare Action 3NG light red frame

Invacare Action 3 NG Light manual wheelchair

The Invacare Action 3NG Light elevates the Action range even further with new cutting-edge designs that enable the wheelchair to smoothly glide, delivering effortless propulsion. ...

Invacare Action 3NG MWP

The NEW Invacare Action 3NG Mid Wheel Propulsion (MWP) is a smartly designed, 6 wheel manual wheelchair, that facilitates a more active rear wheel position and increases stability...

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The Action series offers models that fit a variety of needs and lifestyles, bringing high levels of configurability and customisation in a compact and easy-to-handle product.

This diverse Invacare range has redefined the meaning of a wheelchair for an active lifestyle by focusing on quality, design, reliability, and performance.

The Action wheelchairs are specifically designed for everyday use with lightweight components and small footprint, making them easy to handle, store, and transport.

Active Wheelchairs with versatile features & functionality

The three key areas where the Action range of active wheelchairs excels are performance, customisation, and portability. Here are some of their main characteristics:


One of the foremost things that an active wheelchair needs to feature is a durable design.

The Action series delivers in this area with a range of frames available in some of the strongest and most durable materials like titanium, aluminium, and carbon.

The sturdiness of these chairs is complemented by an exceptional performance that suits a variety of needs from regular everyday use to a more demanding performance.

All of this comes in a comfortable and secure product, including support for hemiplegic individuals.


Adapting to changing routines and daily needs is key for wheelchair individuals who lead an active life and seek superior comfort during their day-to-day activities.

Invacare’s Action range features a high level of configurability providing customisation to suit individual requirements. They offer a wide range of  accessories which are cross-compatible so people can mix-and-match based on their needs, and as different situations arise.


Having a well-performing and durable active wheelchair can mean bulkiness, weight, and difficult use, but not with our Action range.

The products in this line are made with durable but lightweight frames, while innovative mechanisms make folding and storing a breeze.