Alber Power Assist

Alber Power Assist

Alber power add-ons are designed for manual wheelchairs, lightweight active wheelchairs or standard wheelchairs providing extra power assistance. Our comprehensive range includes the new e-pilot electric hand bike, push-aids, braking-aids, and power wheels. Transform your manual wheelchair into power with Alber power assist.

Alber via GO push aid

Via GO is the latest empowering solution from the market leaders in power add-ons. Designed to provide extra power assistance when pushing or manoeuvring a wheelchair, this powerfu...

Alber Emotion DuoDrive

DuoDrive power assist wheels provide instant power with just one push.  It features built in sensors in the hand rims that measure your drive movement to provide you with the...

viaplus V12 wheelchair power pack

Alber viaplus V12 wheelchair power pack

The viaplus V12 by Alber is specially made to provide comfort to users while also relieving the carer the task of pushing always. Pushing could sometimes appear to be a difficult...

viamobil V25 wheelchair power pack

Alber viamobil V25 wheelchair power pack

viamobil wheelchair power pack ultimately made to enhance the mobility of your wheelchair.  This is made possible via adding an electric driving assistance device to your existing...

viamobil eco wheelchair power pack

Alber viamobil eco power assist

viamobil eco by Alber is built with distinct features to ensure excellent functionality. With the viamobil eco, pushing and braking your folding wheelchair can be done easily...

SMOOV 010 wheelchair power pack

Alber SMOOV 010 wheelchair power pack

SMOOV One is an electric power-assist drive unit for active wheelchairs, specially designed to increase the user’s mobility. It attaches easily to an active wheelchair, and it...

e-fix 35/36  wheelchair power pack

Alber e-fix E35/36 power assist

The Alber e-fix is simply the perfect companion for your journeys. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the wheelchair power pack unit drive offers the best...

e-pilot P15 wheelchair power pack

Alber e-pilot P15 wheelchair power pack

The e-pilot electric power assist drive unit by Alber is specially designed to provide an environmentally friendly mobility alternative with maximum driving pleasure. This device...

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