Indoor/Outdoor Wheelchairs

Indoor/Outdoor Wheelchairs

Invacare powerchairs are available in a range of configurations to suit everyday mobility needs. Our SMART power wheelchairs with LiNX technology offer the ultimate combination for a superior drive performance, and feature our most advanced technology with LiNX controls, touchscreen remotes, Bluetooth connectivity and the clever MyLiNX app is a quick way to see how your powerchair is performing. Invacare electric power wheelchairs are available from highly configurable models featuring centre wheel drive to rear wheel powered chairs. Discover our LiNX SMART range here.

Esprit Action Junior power wheelchair

The new Esprit Action Junior powerchair is a lightweight, folding powerchair. It offers a perfect combination of technology, comfort and drive performance in this new and improved...

Invacare Bora Plus power wheelchair

Invacare Bora power wheelchair

The Invacare Bora is a compact power chair with a new sense of style to match an individual's lifestyle and personality. This remarkable chair boasts a powerful yet smooth driving...


AVIVA RX40 Ultra

Introducing the all new AVIVA RX40 Ultra

We’ve paired the AVIVA RX’s superior base with Ultra Low Maxx – the high end seating system that makes sure you enjoy perfect posture while...

AVIVA RX20 Modulite

Invacare’s AVIVA RX is the first in a new range of powerchairs that are unlike any other chairs on the market. Bringing together the key elements that define performance, these new...

Fauteuil électrique AVIVA RX40 Modulite


Go wherever you want with our AVIVA RX40 powerchairs that take comfort and drive performance to a new level.  Designed to combat the challenges of everyday modern life whether at...

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