Pressure Care Accessories

Odstock Wedge

Invacare Odstock Wedge

The Invacare Odstock Wedge was developed in partnership with clinicians to assist in the reduction of interface pressures on the sacrum and heels without significantly increasing...

Heel Pad Product

Invacare Softform Heelpad

The Invacare Heelpad is designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area. The controlled volume of gel in the sacs allows pressure displacement and even weight distribution...

MaxXcare Heelboot

Award Winning Invacare Maxxcare Heelboot

The Maxxcare Pro Heel Boot provides excellent comfort and pressure reduction for patients with a ’high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers to the vulnerable heel area. For patients...

Leg Trough with straps

Invacare Leg Trough

The Invacare Leg Trough has been designed in consultation with clinicians to provide maximum support for the whole leg. The Leg Trough elevates the heels and allows them to be...


Invacare Softform FlexiPad

Invacare Flexipads are highly versatile pads filled with silicone gel, and can be used to position and support limbs, joints, the torso or the head. Flexipads can be used to...

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