Lifters, Hoists and Slings

Lifters, Hoists and Slings

Patient Lifters, hoists and slings for Acute care, residential or homecare environments

Invacare has a variety of lifting solutions that have been designed to help ensure safe, comfortable and efficient transfers in Community, Residential and Acute Care environments.

Invacare Sling range

The Invacare range of slings are specially made to provide optimal positioning and ease of application.  The slings provide a safe and comfortable transfer solution for several...

The Invacare Robin & Robin Mover & EC-Track patient lifter

Invacare Robin & EC-Track patient lifter

Robin is an excellent ceiling hoist, carefully designed to provide the most innovative way of transfer with care for nursing staff. Users can enjoy great comfort with the Invacare...

The Invacare Birdie Evo patient lifter

Invacare Birdie Evo patient lifter

The Invacare Birdie EVO and Birdie EVO Compact are specially designed to offer a comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs, or even the floor. Ideal for use in domestic...

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Invacare’s line of patient lifting solutions includes mobile hoists, standing hoists,  a ceiling-mounted hoist lift and a variety of hoist slings available in different sizes and fabrics.

Superior features for Invacare’s family of hoist and patient lifters

The lifting solutions by Invacare provide an easy, fast and safe client transfer. Invacare’s mobile hoist range is suitable for home use, offering compact and easy to operate models. Built with high-quality materials, these devices are durable and comfortable, making for an enhanced usability experience for both clients and caregivers. They fold and unfold without the need for tools and can be neatly stored away or transported, when needed.

Our family of stand assist hoists features design improvements like ergonomic hand grips, extendable lifting arm, lower leg support and foot plates that come in different sizes. In addition, depending on the model, the ISA family of standing hoists provides a solution for clients with different body shapes and up to 200kg.

The Birdie Evo mobile hoist family by Invacare offers enhanced usability in different situations, such as moving a client in and out of a chair, a bed or from the floor and bringing them to the toilet even in narrow spaces. The product offers a convenient 360-degree rotating system and functional dual castors.

The range of hoist slings caters to a variety of client needs and comes in different sizes and fabrics. They provide a safe and comfortable solution, have been developed under the guidance of professional caregivers, and come with handy instructions imprinted on the back of the slings.