Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchairs

Outdoor/Indoor Wheelchairs

Powered wheelchairs from Invacare offer a range of rear wheel to mid wheel drive chairs for both indoor and outdoor mobility. Our LiNX SMART powerchairs feature our most advanced technology with LiNX designed to enhance confidence and independence in everyday activities. With LiNX technology our electric powerchairs provide an unrivalled and consistent drive performance for the lifetime of the product featuring touchscreen remotes, Bluetooth connectivity for iDevices, smartphones or PC, plus the clever MyLiNX app that lets you know how your powerchair is performing. Discover more about our LiNX SMART range here.


TDX SP2 NB is stylish and durable powerchair with excellent performance. It is packed with a wide range of seating options for optimum comfort and support. This makes the TDX SP2...


TDX SP2 comes equipped with excellent features that make it function effectively. TDX SP2 by Invacare boasts of durability and ultimate performance in a modern, contemporary style...


The new TDX SP2 Low Rider features a drop down seat unit to boast unrivalled low seat to ground heights of either 403mm or 420mm. This allows practical driving positions combined...

Invacare Storm 4 power wheelchair

When it comes to high configurability, adaptability, and functionality in a powerchair, the Invacare Storm4 powerchair is simply unbeatable. This power wheelchair is specially...

Invacare Storm 4 Xplore power wheelchair

Looking for the perfect powerchair for all terrains? Storm4 X-plore by Invacare is just what you need.  Storm4 X-plore is designed with a four-wheel suspension – increases shock...

Invacare Storm 4 Max power wheelchair

The Invacare Storm 4 Max is the best powerchair for users with larger body shapes. It is specially designed to meet the various needs of clients with larger body shapes. It comes...

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