Matrx Cushions

Matrx Cushions

Matrx cushions for optimal comfort and support

Invacare's Matrx cushion range ensures maximum comfort, much-needed skin protection, and optimal pressure and posture care. Considering the amount of time people spend in their wheelchairs, these cushions are not only a comfort-providing tool but also a necessity that protects individuals from a variety of sitting-related issues. The Matrx cushions are designed to provide a satisfactory and all-around immersion, off-loading, envelopment and pelvic support performance. In addition, the Matrx range of wheelchairs cushions come in skin-protecting materials and are suitable for individuals with elevated risk for skin breakdown. A variety of add-on features ensures quality performance for more specific needs. The cushions provide superior performance and are suitable for individuals of all ages and seating needs

Matrx Libra Wheelchair Cushion

Invacare Matrx Libra - Wheelchair cushion

The Invacare Matrx Libra wheelchair cushion offers superior comfort with a high level of protection and positioning.  Improved design combines foam and fluid to provide the highest...

Matrx Vi - Wheelchair cushion

Invacare Matrx Vi - Wheelchair cushion

The Invacare Matrx Vi Wheelchair cushion is designed to provide skin protection and positioning for individuals at moderate to high risk of skin breakdown. The unique three part...

Matrx Mini PS cushion for Junior Wheelchair

The Invacare Matrx Mini PS is an anatomically contoured paediatric cushion made from highly durable moulded foam for improved positioning and stability. With a waffled underside...
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Matrx cushions are designed to offer comfort, postural management and pressure area care, featuring the Matrx Libra, the next generation cushion designed to provide superior comfort with the highest level of protection and positioning.

Wheelchair Cushions with innovative features

The Matrx range of cushions offer excellent pressure redistribution properties and postural support. Four key areas provide an innovative level of support for individuals

- The cushion’s immersive feature maximises the surface contact area, thereby protecting the individual from pressure sores.

- Off-loading feature transfers forces away from the ischial tuberositites redistributing weight to the trochanters, hips and thighs

- A fluid sac in the cushion’s envelopes bony prominences for additional support especially when shifting and changing positions

- The pelvic stability area contours to the pelvic region and provides stability and support for an improved upper-body function.