Tilt-in Space Wheelchairs

Tilt-in Space Wheelchairs

A‌ Family of Manual Wheelchairs offering tilt in space for individuals who require day long support

Invacare’s range of tilt in space wheelchairs offer a greater degree of postural support that adapts to the individual's body.

Manual wheelchair Invacare Rea Azalea grey frame

Rea Azalea manual wheelchair

The Rea Azalea is the first choice for tilt in space wheelchairs, designed to manage all aspects of postural support and comfort.  The seating system is versatile with its wide...

Manual wheelchair Invacare Rea Dahlia grey frame

Rea Dahlia manual wheelchair

The Rea Dahlia is the leader in modern tilt in space wheelchairs. With a sleek and stylish appearance, it incorporates a narrow wheelbase and increased tilt options with easy...

Rea Clematis Pro Manual Wheelchair

The Rea Clematis Pro is our entry-level tilt in
space wheelchair offering 25°of seat tilt, to provide
a range of pressure relieving, positioning and comfort benefits. 

The REA...

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These chairs feature adjustable backrests, reclining seats and legrests for superior postural comfort during prolonged use. These chairs are suitable for individuals of different ages, body shapes, and sizes and some are customizable for the best fit. Tilt in space chairs are specifically designed to care and support the individual's positioning and comfort with a safety mechanism for worry-free use of the tilt function.

The REA‌ Azalea model comes in four sizes depending on the individual's body size—Base model; Minor model for petite adults and teenagers; Tall for taller users; and Max for heavier users. All models feature Invacare’s Dual Stability System for an added safety.

The REA Azalea Base model features the “Tilt in Space” function, which is a weight-shifting mechanism that ensures stability when in tilt mode. This model is compatible with the Alber power add on, the viaplus v12 pushing aid that provides extra power assist when pushing and manoeuvring the chair. It can remain fixed in place without getting in the way of the tilting functionality.

For individuals seeking comfort and performance in a smaller package, the REA‌ Dahlia  is the perfect fit. The chair offers tilt feature and adjustability functions in a compact design. Optional Matrx backrests are available for an added comfort. In addition, the Dahlia model’s seat can be lowered substantially for individuals who can foot propel.