Vicair Cushions

Vicair Cushions

Vicair offer a range of wheelchair cushions which redistribute pressure and reduce shear, with each model providing varying degrees of positioning capabilities. Unlike inflatable air cushions, if one or more air cells were to fail, your skin integrity won't be compromised. A Vicair cushion contains hundreds of SmartCells which ultimately provides a reliable solution.

Vicair Hygiene Cushion

The Vicair Hygiene Cushion consists of 4 individual chambers filled with Vicair SmartCells, making it a pressure-distributing and stable shower and toilet cushion. The cushion...

Vicair Xxtra O2 Bariatric pressure cushion

The Vicair Xxtra O2 wheelchair cushion offers larger sizes than other Vicair models with a user weight of up to 500kg to accommodate plus size individuals. Based on the Vicair...

Vicair Multifunctional O2 cushion

The Vicair Multifunctional O2 is ideal for use in a tilt in space wheelchair. It consists of 5 individual compartments filled with Vicair's innovative Smartcells using air...

Vicair Liberty cushion image

Vicair Liberty cushion

The Vicair Liberty cushion consists of a two compartment layout to limit sliding in wheelchairs and is often used in static seating. It features an automatic air valve which allows...

Vicair Liberty TC

Vicair Liberty Toilet Cushion

The Vicair Liberty TC is specifically made for use on toilets making toileting more comfortable on what would otherwise be a hard surface. The cushion design is based on the Vicair...

Vicair Adjuster O2

Vicair Adjuster O2 cushions

A high-performance cushion for redistributing pressure ideally suited for individuals who have an anatomical body asymmetry. This functional wheelchair cushion can be machine...

Vicair Twin O2 cushion

Vicair Twin O2 pressure cushion

The Vicair Twin O2 is a pressure cushion used in wheelchairs and static seating. Filled with Vicair SmartCells, these little pockets of air are captured in anti-friction material...

Vicair Active O2 Cushion

Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion

Based on the original Vicair Active product, this machine-washable and breathable wheelchair cushion is designed for active individuals who transfer frequently. It features a firm...

Vicair Vector Junior O2

Vicair Vector Junior O2 pressure cushion

This paediatric air cushion is based on the Vicair Vector O2 design offering nine adjustable compartments filled with small sized SmartCells for maximum protection and stability. V...

Vicair Allrounder O2

Vicair Allrounder O2 sports cushion

The AllRounder O2 will keep you comfortable and protect your skin during many adventures! That's why it is perfect for individuals who participate in sports and various activities...

Vicair Vector 02- Machine Washable-Wheelchair cushion- Invacare

Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion

The Vicair Vector O2 wheelchair cushion provides the most
stability within the Vicair range. Featuring nine adjustable compartments
filled with Vicair SmartCells, the Vicair Vector...

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