Propad Cushions

Propad Cushions

The Propad range is manufactured using the highest quality pressure redistributing foam, designed to give superior levels if comfort. Specifically engineered to enhance support, the foam maximises air flow and provides optimum levels of temperature control to deliver unbeatable levels of comfort.

Propad Revolve V

The Propad Revolve V gently moulds to the individuals shape, providing excellent comfort and pressure redistributing properties. It combines an outer layer of durable moulded high...

Propad Revolve Si (Very High Risk)

The Propad Revolve Si is a Very High Risk cushion that offers top quality moulded HR-foam provides high-level immersion for excellent pressure redistribution. The embedded, non...

Invacare Propad Original Product

Invacare Propad cushions

Propad cushions available in three different types designed to facilitate good pressure redistribution when used either in a wheelchair or as a standard armchair cushion.


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