Invacare manual wheelchairs are designed to optimise convenience, comfort and performance

Convenient, safe, compact and user-friendly, the Invacare is often the preferred option for independent, active individuals and for those with busy lifestyles, requiring varying degrees of physical exertion and promoting self-sufficiency and upper-body strength.

The large selection of Invacare chairs is designed to meet the needs of many different individuals, who have vastly different lifestyles and circumstances, from children to elderly people and athletes. All Invacare wheelchairs include the common features of convenience, safety and comfort, we offer specially designed manual wheelchairs for the differing levels of activity and lifestyles of each person. This translates to lightweight folding wheelchairs for children; basic transit models such as the Alu Lite, an entry level, basic everyday mobility solution, robust stability and durability for less active individuals; the lighter weight and easy drive of the Action NG range for those who enjoy moderate levels of activity; the Küschall range for the highly active, with ultra-lightweight options and refined lines; and the Top End line for athletes and recreational use, just to name a few. 

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The decision of which wheelchair to purchase will ultimately depend on the lifestyle and personality of the person. When all their specific needs are taken into account, there is no doubt that the result will be the very best wheelchair.