Power wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters/Alber

Power wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters/Alber

Reliable performance, comfort and control with Invacare’s Power Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters and Alber power add ons.

Invacare's family of power wheelchairs and mobility scooters are products designed to meet a variety of individual requirements offering practical, mobility solutions for both outdoor and indoor use.

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Using cutting-edge technology, our electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters offer an intuitive drive, ease of use and comfort.  Featuring powerful and quiet motors, long-lasting batteries, and a four-way adjustable seating ensure quick and comfortable mobility even at longer distances. A range of accessories and add-ons allow for high customisability and personalisation.

Invacare's motorised wheelchairs and scooters will provide an everyday solution to meet your individual needs.Our family of powered mobility products are suitable for people of all ages with a disability.

Cutting-Edge Technology in Invacare's Motorised Wheelchairs and Electric Mobility Scooters

Our innovative LiNX control system brings a superior driving experience and allows for high customisability in an intuitive interface. The system features wireless connectivity and touch display for optimal use and is particularly suitable to individuals living with cognitive and mobility-related impairments.

The Alber family of add-on kits can turn a broad range of manual wheelchairs into powered mobility devices. The emotion wheels provides extra power assistance when manoeuvring a wheelchair. The e-pilot device turns manual wheelchairs into sporty vehicles. A push and break aid allows for safe use of a wheelchair even on steeper terrains. You can check out the full range of our add-on kits on the Alber sub-category page.

We also offer a line of mobility scooters which are ideal for seniors and people with disabilities who need a reliable motorised mobility device. Invacare's electric scooters, are designed to work equally well indoors and outdoors, bringing individuals a safe, comfortable and highly manoeuvrable ride.

Key features include ergonomic handlebars, padded seats and suspension as well as different size scooters depending on individual requirements. Whether popping to the shops or visiting a country park, our range of mobility scooters offer reliability and performance. Powerful motors and long-lasting batteries ensure a smooth ride even on varied terrain.