Low Active Wheelchairs

Low Active Wheelchairs

Optimum performance with our everyday basic chairs

Manual wheelchair Invacare Ben NG black frame

The Invacare Ben NG is one of the most popular short term use manual wheelchairs within the market. Well known for its simple and easy to use functionality and is considered one of...

Manual wheelchair Invacare Alu Lite blue frame

The Invacare Alu Lite manual wheelchair is specifically developed for those who require mobility support for short periods of time. Its compact frame and lightweight structure make...

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Invacare’s range of low active wheelchairs features products from several families. All of them are designed to be practical and well-performing, which is consistent with our mission to provide top-of-the-line products.

These chairs combine great performance with ease of use, portability and versatility. The range also includes a model from our flagship Action NG family of top-performing chairs. These standard wheelchairs cater to a wide range of needs and user characteristics. Different size options and an assortment of accessories guarantee that the family of low active wheelchairs will serve individuals, even as their requirements change.