Pressure Care & Seating

Pressure Care & Seating

Optimising pressure care and comfort for patients

A major concern among patients with limited mobility are injuries to the skin and underlying tissues. These injuries include pressure ulcers, which result from sitting or lying in a single position for a prolonged period, as well as abrasions, which are caused by friction. Invacare has placed priority on these issues when developing its products, and the results are several different lines of pressure care mattresses, wheelchair cushions, back support cushions and accessories designed to ease pressure points by redistributing the body weight over rest surfaces.

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To achieve this, Invacare has developed innovative high-tech systems built with air, fluid, foam, latex and other materials. Pressure care and comfort are therefore taken to another level and incorporated into mechanical and hydraulic beds, wheelchairs and other equipment, to optimise patient health, care and comfort.

Wide variety of different systems for pressure care

At Invacare, the solutions are as diverse as the patients themselves, with mattresses, wheelchair cushions, back support cushions and accessories for every possible scenario.

While all Invacare pressure mattresses share the common trait of redistributing the pressure on the body, the company’s solutions range from standard static mattresses to air mattresses and dynamic mattresses and overlays with special pumps and control panels. Hence, those at low risk of pressure ulcers may opt for simpler solutions such as the Essential range, featuring high quality foam, some specially cut to create differentiated points that move with shifts in the body weight and position. Finally, those at very high risk of developing these abrasions may opt for any of the dynamic mattresses or overlays within the Softform range with alternating dynamic cell movement cycles, among others.

Invacare also offers a diverse range of wheelchair cushions and back support cushions. Among others, these include: the Matrx range, with flow-tech technology that combines fluid with foam for optimal skin protection and ergonomic contours for pelvic stability; the Propad cushion range, with deep-contoured profiled foam for pressure care and two-way stretch fabric that prevents shear.