Safe Patient Handling

Safe Patient Handling

Invacare optimises patient lifting, providing safety and convenience

Patient lifters are vital tools that facilitate the transfer of people who have limited mobility and movement, elderly patients with weakness in the lower extremities and patients who have been immobilised following surgery. Ideal for use in both medical, residential care home and home settings, Invacare’s patient lifting equipment is specially designed to provide the safest and most complete lifting system possible, enabling the patient to be moved up or down from a chair or a bed, as well as from the floor or the toilet. Our range of patient lifters offer compact and versatile solutions.

Lifters, Hoists and Slings

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One of the greatest concerns regarding patient lift systems is patient safety and correct positioning. Built with high-quality materials, the Invacare patient lifters and overhead hoists make patient transfers easy, convenient and safe for both the patient and the carer. The Invacare product line includes electric and hydraulic systems, stand assistance lifts for individuals with some weight-bearing capacity and patient lifting hoists that accommodate individuals weighing up to 200 kilos, as well as a range of slings and accessories to adapt to all the specific needs of each patient and carer. The correct use of these systems reduces the risk of injury for both patients and caregivers, while affording the patient dignity, comfort and safety.

Selecting the right Invacare hoist and lift system for each case

When selecting a patient lift system, it is essential to consider the physical ability of the patient. Invacare offers products suitable for a wide range of patient needs and circumstances. The Invacare Stand Assist (ISA) range features lifts for independent individuals who need some degree of assistance to stand up, with compact and lighter systems for those who can bear some weight. These lifts are user-friendly and ideal for family member caregivers, as they are lightweight and can be disassembled and easily transported without the use  of tools.

The Invacare Robin is a ceiling hoist that is easy to operate and ideal for use in a variety of care settings. It is important to note that all Invacare hoists can be paired with a range of high quality slings and accessories, for specific needs of each patient and carer.