Electric beds for every need

Invacare’s range of electric profiling beds bring a variety of solutions suitable for many environments. We offer models that can be used for home care, or as hospital beds in residential care facilities. These beds are also ideal for a range of needs, including people with limited mobility, people with disabilities, long-term illness and bariatric individuals.

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Medical beds for optimal comfort and straightforward usability

The Invacare range of electric profiling beds includes standard and low height beds along with bariatric models, and a selection of accessories. Our range offers a variety of electric profiling beds including a dedicated model for bariatric individuals – the Octave. The model has a working load of up to 385kg and provides excellent care, support and comfort. It has a fully electrical 4- section mattress support that provides the best comfort and support to the individual.

Our Medley Ergo range offers several mattress platform sections that provide improved comfort for patients, reduces shear and friction when the bed sections are being adjusted and prevents patients sliding downwards.

Invacare electric profiling beds are easy to operate and come with straightforward controls. They are convenient to handle, transport and store. The hand controls are also comfortable and easy to use, even allowing clients to operate the bed and adjust features according to their needs and preferences.

SB 755 offers high-end functionality and design to assist carers in offering a high level of care for an individual. It provides an ideal seating position to minimise shear and friction, particularly for patients who are less mobile.

Safety of the patient and carer is paramount in the design and use of our medical beds. They are equipped with features that cater for the safety of individuals during transfer and when using the bed. The Etude Plus care bed is equipped with excellent features that make it perfect for homecare use. These features also make it more convenient for carers to help individuals get in and out of bed, minimising the risk of falls.

Naturally, comfort of use and operation is one of the top priorities for an electric bed, which is why our models are equipped with a variety of features that ensure excellent comfort for users and those who control the bed’s functionality. These hospital beds for home use maintain their comfort regardless of whether the user is in a completely horizontal position or is propped in a reclined position.

Our electric beds are built to help carers provide the utmost care and comfort of an individual. We offer a range of add-ons and accessories which include a variety of woodwork finishes, headboards and bed ends that offer customisation. Functional add-ons, includes side rails, covers and safety features, as well as a range of hand controls for added functionality (dependent on bed model).