Lucy's Story

Multiple Paralympic medallist and current World Masters Doubles holder Lucy Shuker represents Invacare as a sports ambassador.


Lucy first acquired a Top End chair from Invacare following an airline mishap where her previous chair was ruined. Lucy got in touch with Invacare via UK dealer EPC who put her in contact with Invacare Top End. Recognised as one of the leading sports chairs that consistently win in high level competitions, she decided to change over to a Top End chair in order to improve her game, especially after watching other competitor's success with the brand.

Discussing her reasons for choosing a Top End chair, Lucy said:

“Playing at such a high level as a P4 paraplegic, having a chair that could be tweaked to particular specifications was essential to meet my needs in regards to manoeuvring and speed. I need to be 100% secure in my chair and Top End allows this.”

As an Invacare sports ambassador we often support each other, personally as well as publically and Lucy confirmed she believes the relationship between herself and the brand works well for both. She also believes that she owes much of her success to the new chair stating that “all that I have achieved is a result of the chair and I really appreciate the fact that Invacare seems to take a personal interest in my progress, not just in business”.

After winning the World Masters Doubles recently in California and several other singles titles, Lucy finished the season last week at the NEC World Masters singles competition in London after winning another doubles title the previous week in Bath.

Talking about what she’s been up to recently, Lucy shared:

“Since that, I’ve been spending some time visiting schools, and sponsors to explain my story, share my experiences and build more awareness around disability. I’ve also visited some universities to educate young adults that it’s OK to be different and that a wheelchair doesn’t define you – it’s just another piece of sports equipment. It’s important for the younger generation to know that you’re always going to face challenges, but it’s the way you deal with it that determines your future. One day I was fully able-bodied and suddenly the next that was no longer the case.  Life continues and you can still be happy. In fact, I’m loving the experiences as a result of it – travelling the world playing a sport that I love. Of course it took me a few years to adjust but I always wanted to continue to push boundaries and the one thing to always remember is – life goes on.”

In regards to the future, Lucy stated that she has every intention of competing in the 2020 Paralympic games in Tokyo and she’s straight into training in the new year with upcoming competitions. In fact, Lucy is kicking off the season at the Australian Open in Melbourne which is preceded by 2 other Australian based tournaments.