Look after yourself this Winter

With Winter upon us, it’s important to wrap up warm, stay healthy and look out for those who may be more vulnerable in the colder seasons. The change in weather over the season can be more harmful than you think, especially for the elderly or vulnerable. Cold weather can cause weaker immune systems, higher blood pressures and lower body temperatures, which can all lead to more serious conditions. 

Here are some tips to ensure your health this Winter: 

•    Wrap up warm – never leave your scarf behind!

•    Try a little bit of exercise every day. Walking and swimming offer great benefits to keeping healthy. For those of you who use a wheelchair there are gentle exercises you can do.  Seek advise from your healthcare professional first.

•    Eat the right foods - ditch the fast food for some wholesome goodness! It’s known that diet is a huge contributing factor to health, with certain foods containing valuable healing properties. 

•    Stock up your medicine cabinet so you’re always prepared to tackle the onset of colds and flu.

•    If you have elderly neighbours, family or friends, check on them regularly, they may not have the ability to help themselves.

•    If you have a long term illness, get to know it better. A pharmacist or healthcare professional can help you find out about assistive technology and where to get appropriate equipment. 

•    At the first signs of Winter illness, seek advice. There are plenty of places that offer support and advice to help you look after yourself effectively:
o    Pharmacies
o    Libraries
o    Social Services department
o    Local community groups
o    Online communities
o    GP Surgeries

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