Dr. Havi's Story

I was due to take my first flight in three years. I had been putting off testing my portable oxygen concentrator because I was so anxious about the flight. Particularly as I was unable to buy travel insurance that covered my respiratory condition.

I hadn’t used my POC in a long time and although it turned on, it immediately cut out displaying various warning lights. I knew this would happen and on some level I think I was looking for excuses not to fly!

There was only one option now – contact the Invacare Business Development Manager who had been so helpful to me in the past. It was early in the morning but I was frantic and needed help immediately. He answered straight away and true to his word, he appeared at my doorstep the following day with two different Invacare POCs for me to trial.

The first option was quite large which wasn’t ideal for my holiday as I only needed to use it at either end of the journey. So I opted for the second option; the Platinum Mobile. A brand new, very small concentrator that has up to 4 pulsed settings. Including its batteries, it only weighed 2.7kg and its ergonomic design made it easy to carry by hand, over the shoulder or even as a backpack. I managed to get the hang of it within minutes due to the clear and easy instructions. It was relatively quiet, warmed up quickly, shut down properly and with the reasonably long-lasting battery I felt it a reliable option. In terms of use, it proved to be very pleasant particularly due to its light weight. I usually use 4-6L continuous.

I used it at the airport and during the holiday; every day for two weeks. I took it with me in the car, on the beach and while walking my husband carried it in his backpack, even in the rain! It was entirely reliable and continued to impress me with its light weight, nifty and durable design.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Platinum Mobile. It is light enough to be truly portable, doesn’t require a trolley so it can be used in various locations. It is the quietest machine I have tried, and it was 100% reliable in the two-week period I trialled it. I would very much recommend this device for its lightness, simplicity of use, quietness, and reliability.

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