Vicair Multifunctional O2 cushion

The Vicair Multifunctional O2 is ideal for use in a tilt in space wheelchair. It consists of 5 individual compartments filled with Vicair's innovative Smartcells using air-technology for optimal weight distribution.  It's designed so that each compartment supports a specific area of the pelvis providing a unique balance between preserving skin and underlying tissue at the ischials, coccyx and trochanters, positioning the pelvis and supporting the femures. 


This multifunctional cushion is 8cm thick with deeper rear end compartments making it ideal for use in tilt in space wheelchairs. Each of the compartments can be adjusted by either adding or removing Smartcells allowing you to adjust the density of the cushion.The cover is 100% breathable and machine washable. It be used used as part of a pressure care treatment plan.

Key features

  • Ideal for use in tilt in space wheelchairs with adjustable seat depth
  • Features deeper rear end compartments for pressure relief especially to support coccyx area and help manage pelvic asymmetry
  • Cushion contours to the body's shape for equal pressure distribution
  • Ready to use

Vicair cushion products are made of perforated material and have an open mesh underneath the cushion.  This allows excess moisture to drain away from the skin and air to flow so heat build-up is decreased.

Vicair SmartCells is a unique air technology that uses small pyramid air sacs that contain a sealed volume of air.  These are designed for high-performance skin protection for optimal postural support and designed to be user friendly. When you sit on a Vicair wheelchair cushion, you are supported by hundreds of air filled SmartCells redistributing forces evenly and minimising peak pressures in high risk areas. SmartCells will deform and move when loaded, which enables immersion, envelopment and limits shear and friction forces on the skin. 

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