Welcome to onesolution


Welcome to onesolution

Invacare is introducing their “One Solution” initiative which combines its most popular wheelchairs with some of the very best seating systems for a complete solution - all available as one order and in one delivery.
Invacare one solution wheelchairs and seating

What is onesolution?

When our highly trained specialists in retail and the NHS assess for and prescribe a wheelchair, a consideration is given to the cushion, the back support and any other accessories that can support posture, protect the body and maximise the individual needs for an active lifestyle. We are pleased to launch one solution, an initiative that combines our wheelchairs with some of the very best seating and positioning systems, for a complete solution.  The One Solution is seamlessly assessed, prescribed,  ordered and provided in one delivery.


Invacare one solution wheelchair and seating in one delivery          

Bringing together some of our very best brands

Active individuals require a wheelchair that gives freedom of movement and independence. Our award-winning chairs are well known for their attractive and cutting-edge functional designs, that supports people living their lives to the fullest. So why wouldn’t you want the most functional and comfortable designs when it comes to the seating systems and accessories too. Our brands include some of the most clinically trusted and premium products on the market such as Vicair and MatrX seating as well as  Bodypoint positioning products.

As our onesolution ambassador says:

“You can have a beautiful wheelchair, but your backrest and cushion are details that really matter. onesolution has been life changing for me”.

Our team of healthcare professionals have carefully selected the most functional and clinically superior seating options, perfect for the active individual.

Check out our new interactive brochures for more detail:

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