Welcome to Invacare’s 21st century manufacturing facility


Welcome to Invacare’s 21st century manufacturing facility

Transforming our business to support the evolving healthcare market is at the core of our strategy. To meet the needs of our progressive healthcare environment, we have opened a new production facility in Albstatd, Germany.

The 25.000 m² business unit, comprises a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, modern office space and a fully automated, high bay ‘smart’ warehouse with the capacity for 7,500 pallets.

The facility which will be home to 370 employees has been designed and built around Invacare’s mission to transform its business to meet the market demand for consumer focused, clinically relevant products that are innovatively designed, something that Invacare has always held at its core. The ‘smart’ warehouse has a high level of automation, end-to-end digitalization for efficiency and accuracy in picking and shipping products.

AVIVA family
The new Aviva family of power chairs are some of the first products to be manufactured in this brand-new facility. This new site is equipped with specialised technologies to ensure exceptionally high standards of build quality and safety.

As a global manufacturer and supplier of home healthcare products, we continually strive to meet the changing needs of the marketplace.