Vicair's best kept secret


Vicair's best kept secret

Vicair’s range of O2 cushions is ever-expanding with an additional four models transformed so far this year. The lightweight air cushions (suitable for people at very high risk of developing sores) have always been a popular choice - even more so since the introduction of a lifetime warranty on the SmartCells. But now, with the added breathability factor and capability to fully machine wash, everyone wants to get their hands on a Vicair wheelchair cushion!

One of the latest innovations by the Dutch manufacturer is to have superseded to the revolutionary designs is the Vicair Pommel O2 cushion. Unlike other models such as the Vector O2 which also promote good posture, the unique characteristic of this pressure cushion is that it features a removable pommel. This is a particularly useful solution for individuals with catheters, using urine bottles or for those who forward transfer in and out of their chair. Now with the ability to fully machine wash for optimum hygiene, word about the Vicair Pommel O2 cushion is finally out!

Unlike inflatable air cushions, which are often unstable and prone to puncture, the world-renowned Vicair cushions are based on a simple philosophy which combats this – SmartCells. Each cushion is filled with hundreds of these SmartCells, small capsules of air so that your Vicair wheelchair cushion does not need to be inflated and you are well protected even in the case of some Smartcells unexpectedly not lasting a lifetime.

Explore the Vicair O2 range or contact your local Invacare retailer for further details.