Vicair Active O2 cushion


Vicair Active O2 cushion

When pressure relief meets stability in a wheelchair cushion

Invacare have been travelling up and down the country collecting excellent feedback from healthcare professionals about the new Vicair Active O2 cushion, which is perfectly suited for individuals who have experienced spinal cord injuries, or those who transfer regularly in and out of their wheelchair.

Individuals using active wheelchairs are ecstatic with Vicair’s Active O2 which offers an exceptional combination of comfort, pressure distribution and stability in a unique design that enables easy transfers in and out of their wheelchair. The rear compartments are filled with Vicair’s SmartCell technology, delivering a high-level of skin protection around the buttocks and excellent postural support for self-propelling, while the firm foam front provides a stable surface for easy side transfers.

Vicair Active O2 wheelchair cushion:

  • Helps prevent pressure ulcers!
  • Facilitates transfers
  • Machine washable without removing any SmartCells
  • 100% breathable - optimum temperature and moisture regulation
  • Integrated storage pouch for precious belongings

Vicair is renowned for their lightweight designs that, unlike inflatable air cushions, require virtually no maintenance and protect skin integrity even in the event of a puncture! What’s more, Vicair’s O2 design allows the cushion to be machine washed up to 60° for ultimate hygiene.

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