New Matrx Elite E2 Back system


New Matrx Elite E2 Back system

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Introducing the new MatrX Elite E2 Back Support. Invacare and Motion Concept’s latest innovation in seating.  Offering maximum postural support for those who have positioning needs, the MatrX Elite E2 back system provides a safe, comfortable and supported sitting posture. 

Matrx Elite E2 backs

These new and improved backs feature Easy Fit hardware and pin assembly function to offer more scope and  flexibility when interfacing with backrest frames, and especially when fitting around armrests. The backrest also can be adjusted whilst a person is seated in the wheelchair providing greater versatility in a seating solution.  In addition, the Elite E2 backs now offer a significantly increased range of sizes  that enables fitting to a much wider range of manual and power chairs.

Matrx Elite E2 ripple foam technology        Matrx Elite E2 ripple foam technology

The innovative - 'Ripple Foam' technology combined with the mesh cover fabric provides enhanced airflow for improve temperature control as well as enhanced immersion when seated over a longer period of time. Manufactured using a high quality, high resilience foam, the ripple profile provides the spinal area with enhanced immersion and helps to reduce shear forces (movement of skin over a surface). These features combine to make one of the most comfortable back supports available.

A range of alternative mounting hardware is also available, such as fixed mini and easy set, split mount as well as heavy duty options. The new backs will replace the current Elite and Elite Deep products.

Ask your Invacare representative for more details.