NEW ISA XPlus stand assist now available


NEW ISA XPlus stand assist now available

We are pleased to announce a new member to the ISA Stand Assist family, the ISA XPlus is now available. The new Invacare ISA XPlus (200kg) is a fully adjustable and ergonomic stand assist lifter offering a natural pattern of movement. It creates a safer, more comfortable and efficient transfer for elderly and disabled people as well as their carers.

New features include:

  • High Safe Working Load – up to 200kg
  • Fully electrical operation with curved legs – for ease of movement around beds and chairs
  • Three sizes of removable footplates – allows adaptation to different body heights
  • Extendable lifting arm – for optimised sling attachment and transfers for many body shapes and heights
  • Articulated lower leg support - for protection and optimum comfort
  • Re-designed handgrips - for comfort and security
  • Ergonomic push bar - for ease of manoeuvring the lifter
  • Flexible hooks - for quick and straightforward sling attachment

The ISA XPlus has all the features of the recently introduced ISA (160kg) and has a larger and more robust design.

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