MyLiNX - the helpful app to check your powerchair status!


MyLiNX - the helpful app to check your powerchair status!

A quick way to see the status of a power wheelchair!

Following the hugely successful launch of our LiNX controls including the innovative touch-screen remotes, we developed the MyLiNX app, a quick and easy way to see how a powerchair is performing. It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the LiNX control unit and will send data directly from your powerchair to a smartphone or iDevice. The app has clear, crisp infographics to display ‘real-time’ data such as battery charge, number of charging cycles, undertaken drive time and much more. With MyLiNX there's no more second guessing on how far you can travel in your powerchair each day, just open the app and view the data.

Help is always close at hand

One of the key features of the MyLiNX app is the facility to highlight any faults on a powered wheelchair. It will give concise details of a fault, as well as offering suggestions to alleviate it.  In the event of a fault not being resolved, you can simply contact your Service Provider directly through the app, either by a phone call or email!  Giving you peace of mind when out and about.

In addition, MyLiNX offers hints and tips on best charging practices to help improve performance, and prolong the life of your powerchair.

  • Provides clear and accurate battery charge data to help plan your journeys
  • View total drive time of your powerchair
  • See the number of charging cycles undertaken
  • Fault finding with suggestions to fix
  • Direct contact with your Service Provider
  • Offers hints & tips such as best charging practices

By using MyLiNX you can plan your day with confidence and drive your powerchair safe in the knowledge that all is well, and if needed, help is close at hand.
For battery charging best practice, here's some useful tips for how you can maximise the reliability of your batteries.

The  MyLiNX* app is FREE and available for both Android and iOS devices, just download from Google Play  or the App Store 
(there are no in-app purchases or advertising).

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* for use with Invacare powerchairs with the LiNX control system.