Make the smart choice - what is a SMART powerchair?


Make the smart choice - what is a SMART powerchair?

Invacare’s range of powerchairs has evolved into SMART chairs by incorporating a host of modern technologies.  Invacare is proud to lead the way and truly raise the bar in terms of the performance you can expect from an electric powered wheelchair.

Featuring our revolutionary LiNX system, our products offer a new level of comfort and control that will inspire confidence and independence.  Invacare SMART power wheelchairs comprise of essentially three key components:
The control system – LiNX will offer you the control and performance consistency you need at any speed and over practically any surface

The seating – adjustments allow a one to one fit providing you with outstanding comfort and support

The wheelbase – a variety of exceptionally robust, and well-designed power bases cater for a host of different environments, surfaces, driving styles and aesthetics – it’s your choice!

The combination of these elements is what produces a true SMART powerchair. Factor in an app that will allow you to check the health of your power wheelchair, intelligence that will adapt the chair to suit your driving, the ability to connect to PCs, Macs,  Android and iDevices with built-in Bluetooth technology, and you can see why Invacare LiNX SMART powerchairs are the technology of tomorrow, today.

Make the SMART choice and find out how you can benefit more here.