Let your adventure begin...


Let your adventure begin...

Discover the great outdoors with the ultimate, performance powerchair - the improved Storm 4 X-plore! It now features new motors to enhance performance providing superb handling and exceptional drive. Using the latest technology, the new motors offer a smoother drive, and combined with LiNX technology, offer greater traction and control to give you a consistent, all-round drive, day after day.

Our new performance option of 12km/h (8mph) is also available on the Storm 4 X-plore offering impressive power when you need it most. The Storm 4 X-plore power chair features four-wheel suspension for increased comfort and superb traction around town, and even for the more adventurous off-road driving. For ultimate comfort select either Recaro or Modulite seating with multi-adjustments for that perfect fit.

  • Enhanced performance
  • LiNX technology
  • 12km/h (8mp) performance option
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • Superb handling over differing terrain

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