We caught up with disability and lifestyle blogger Sarah who uses an Invacare TDX SP2 powerchair with LiNX. Sarah is often out and about especially with her cute dog Teddy, however not knowing how much battery charge left often means cutting a journey short and returning home.

Sarah was introduced to the MyLiNX app, which connects a smartphone to an Invacare powerchair that uses a LiNX control.  The app shows real-time statistics like battery charge, drive time, hints and tips for battery charging, it also highlights any faults; these are just some of its useful features. She was just amazed at the difference the app makes to her daily life. Here’s what she had to say:

The app is a great tool as it shows so much information and is bringing powerchairs into the digital age.

Sarah found that simple things like having a clock on the screen is a fantastic, time saving tool as she usually had to stop and get her phone out to check the time.

She went on to say; “I love that I can sync my controller to an app on my phone because knowing exactly how much battery is left is so handy. I went out on Friday and was convinced I didn't have enough charge on my powerchair but had over 50% and I checked my app up to three times whilst out which kept me informed of how much I had left and it was real peace of mind. It makes going out and being out for a full day much easier because I don't have to panic about whether I'm on 60% or 41% which I could only tell on my last gauge.”

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