Invacare CEO Statement - Covid-19


Invacare CEO Statement - Covid-19

Invacare Covid 19 updates

To our Customers and Community Members,

At Invacare, we always strive to provide the very best of care to people in need – it’s our nature and our mission.  As the situation with COVID-19 has developed, we have even more passion and resolve to provide medical solutions to those in need. As a company, we have made certain operational changes which will enable us to continue to provide a safe work environment, important medical solutions to our customers, and vital support for our communities. We are committed to making our operational changes as transparent to you as possible.

First, we are doing the most we can to continue to support those in need.  To the extent permitted, we remain open and operating with the essential personnel needed to take orders, produce and ship critical medical devices from our various production and distribution facilities globally. As products in our Respiratory and Lifestyles categories are especially vital in this environment, we are working hard to meet the strong demand.

For the safety of our associates, we have taken appropriate steps to ensure our workplaces are safe by following public health protocols.  In addition, we are using technology to enable our associates to be effective working remotely, or more sparsely dispersed working in company locations in safe conditions.
If you are a customer and have questions, you should be able to reach us as you would normally.  We encourage you to first visit our website ( for the most current information, or contact customer service or your sales representative.

This crisis affects all of us locally and connects all of us globally.  We are committed to making the best of the situation on behalf of our customers and associates, and by supporting our communities worldwide.  Please help me thank our associates for adapting quickly, and for finding ways to continue to do our important work, so we can help fulfill the needs of people seeking durable medical solutions.

We are continuously monitoring the situation, which we all know is changing rapidly, and differently in various locations.  While it is difficult to predict very far into the future, we will provide updates as the situation warrants.  In the meantime, we thank you for your continued support and understanding and we look forward to the opportunity to help those around us.

Be Safe.
Sincerely yours,
Matthew E. Monaghan
Chairman, President, CEO