Introducing the NEW Aquatec® Ocean Ergo shower chair range


Introducing the NEW Aquatec® Ocean Ergo shower chair range

Launching this week on 21st November, at The OT Show, the Ocean Ergo range will consist of transit and self-propel models in both standard and XL sizes.  These feature-rich shower chairs will complement the Invacare’s existing tilt-in-space models within the Aquatec range.
Inspired by the experience of elderly and disabled people and driven by an understanding that personal care is a fundamental aspect of well - being, the Ocean Ergo has been designed with comfort, independence and dignity in mind.

Safety, Independence and dignity

A newly contoured seat surface has been developed to encourage a more upright and stable seating position, promoting independence and overall comfort. Enhanced stability at the front of the base of the chair allows for a smaller footprint and offers added safety and reassurance when seated in the chair.
The optimised wheelbase also makes it even easier for a family member or carer to manoeuvre the chair in small spaces as well as allowing for a better fit over standard toilets for independent toileting.

NEW Contoured, ergonomic seat plate

Based on the physical imprint left behind when seated, the seat plate has been designed for better sitting posture and helps to re-distribute pressure away from the Ischial Tuberosities or sitting bones which may help in the prevention of pressure ulceration.  A 5° rearward seat tilt lifts the knees into a natural squat position, which may help when emptying the bowel. 
Indented transfer supports at the front of the seat surface can help the user manoeuvre themselves to the back of the seat and allow getting into a comfortable position as well aid side transfers for more active disabled people.

Modular and flexible design

The modular design of the Ocean Ergo means that the chairs can be adapted, by making some simple adjustments to suit a wide range of needs and conditions, including some degenerative conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease. 

Off the shelf and retro fit accessories

By adding the easy to fit, off-the-shelf accessories, such as 24” self-propel wheels, lateral/trunk supports or visco-elastic (memory) foam seat pads, the chair can support may elderly and disabled people as their needs change.
To find out more about the Ocean Ergo range, please contact us.  If you are an Occupational Therapist or Healthcare Professional, don’t forget to come and see us on Stand H30 at The OT Show, or contact your local Invacare Business Development Manager to arrange a joint assessment or workshop for you and your colleagues.

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