Discover everyday powerchair solutions


Discover everyday powerchair solutions

Innovation, technology and control are at the heart of this versatile range of centre wheel drive power chairs to offer a practical, mobility solution for everyone. Featuring advanced technology combined with a striking iconic design, our TDX SP2 range is built to withstand the everyday demands you would expect in a powerchair.

Our products offer a new level of comfort and control that will inspire confidence and independence featuring the innovative LiNX technology. Invacare's TDX SP2 range of power wheelchairs provide a greater choice to suit your needs designed around three key elements:

  • The control system – LiNX will offer you the control and performance consistency you need at any speed and over practically any surface
  • The seating – adjustments allow a one to one fit providing you with outstanding comfort and support
  • The wheelbase – a variety of exceptionally robust, and well-designed power bases cater for a host of different environments, surfaces, driving styles and aesthetics – it’s your choice!

Plus with the app MyLiNX it will allow you to check the health of your power wheelchair; intelligence that will adapt the chair to suit your driving, and the ability to connect to PCs, Macs,  Android and iDevices with built-in Bluetooth technology.
Over 100 colour combinations available - colour your world to your own taste and style.

Choose from TDX2 Ultra featuring Ultra Low Maxx seating or TDX SP2, TDX SP2 NB, TDX SP2 Low Rider or the compact TDX SP2 Teen for young teens and petite adults. Suitable for a range of specialist controls and accessories (see specific models for more details).

Discover our TDX SP2 powerchair range today, or download our brochureInvacare TDXSP2 range consumer brochure.pdf