Competition winner empowered to do more with SMOOV one


Competition winner empowered to do more with SMOOV one

Earlier this year, Invacare launched its highly successful SMOOV one power add-on which included a competition that offered consumers the chance to win a brand new SMOOV.  The competition promoted SMOOV directly to consumers who had to take a test drive of the unit to be eligible to enter. Lots of interest was shown with an impressive 150 participants, boosting engagement across our social media platforms.

We are pleased to announce our lucky prize winner was Sally Sycha from Reading.  Sally recently spent the day with the Invacare team, touring our facilities, participating in a photoshoot and collecting her prize.  Sally has a young family who constantly keep her on the go and winning the SMOOV has given her an added boost, now the family will have to keep up!

A delighted winner, Sally exclaimed: “SMOOV is going to make a huge difference to mine and my families lives.”

Sally had tried other power add-ons but was quick to comment that the SMOOV one “was by far the better and easier product to use.”  When asked what winning means, Sally said; “SMOOV will definitely empower me to do more independently, I can’t believe I’ve won it and I’m absolutely delighted!”

SMOOV one is an innovative power add-on that fits most makes of manual wheelchair.  Find out more about  SMOOV here.

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