The Vicair Liberty back is particularly suitable for wheelchair users with back pain, e.g. sore spinae (natural projections on the vertebral column), as Liberty transforms the existing backrest into a back support with extra relief and comfort. The Vicair Liberty back is easily mounted on the wheelchair's back using the supplied back brace. Vicair Liberty is loaded with the patented Vicair Smartcells.


The triangular air cells in Liberty are in a thin layer of silicone, which means that the cells slide more easily against each other and shape themselves according to the contours of the body. The cells and the soft silicone are encased in a specially designed vinyl cover. The number of SmartCells cannot be changed in this pad. The cushion contains air and the valve automatically adjusts the amount of air in the back. The Vicair Liberty back is therefore maintenance-free.

Key features

  • Patented SmartCells surrounded by silicone: ensures low friction and pressure relief
  • Changes the wheelchair from a standard back to a comfortable and supportive back
  • Gently follows and supports the back
  • Easily mounted and extremely lightweight
    Suitable for people with scoliosis or kyphosis

Vicair Liberty back is often used together with a positioning and/or pressure-relieving seat cushion. The right seat cushion in combination with the Vicair Liberty back cushion will ensure the most ergonomic sitting position and best comfort. Check out our air and foam cushion ranges for more information.

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