The Vicair Butterfly back cushion consists of three compartments filled with Vicair SmartCells and each is adjustable in cell density. This allows the Vicair Butterfly back cushion to conform precisely to the body’s contours. Vicair Butterfly even offers the possibility to create an active, relaxed and stable body position in basic wheelchairs. The simple attachment system makes the Vicair Butterfly an adjustable and a versatile solution.

Key features:

  • Active position: supports the pelvis and lower spinal column, avoiding a posterior pelvic rotation - easily achieving and maintaining an active seating position
  • Relaxed position: supports the lower part of the rib cage by using in reverse (cradling the lower rib cage) – improving lateral support and encouraging a relaxed seating position
  • Extra stable position: by combining two Butterfly Backs - one in a low position and the other one in a high position - the pelvis, lower spinal column and the rib cage is fully supported offering comfortable body contact from the pelvis all the way to the mid thoracic region.
  • Attachment system: consists of two adjustable straps designed to go around the back of a wheelchair, providing stepless height.
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