Invacare Essential Care Pressure Relieving Mattress

A mattress offering a pressure redistributing
support surface ideal for use within a community, residential healthcare
environments. This mattress provides a cost-effective solution for comfort and
pressure redistribution to meet the needs of individuals ‘at risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.

The outer cover is a multi stretch,
water resistant, polyurethane fabric providing excellent recovery and durability, which helps to
reduce shear and friction forces. The cover also has a white inner liner allowing easy inspection
for strikethrough or other cover damage.

Key features include:

- Castellations improve comfort
and ensure effective pressure redistribution

- Essential Care comes in 2 thickness sizes for patient comfort: 2000 x 880 x 150 mm and 2000 x 880 x 120 mm. In this way the patient can choose the mattress that best suits their rest: a more rigid surface, or a more padded.

- A cleaning temperature of up to 95 °C, which allows cleaning with hot water without damaging the mattress and removing difficult stains or dirt.

- Multi-stretch polyurethane fabric ensuring minimal friction in the patient, preventing ulcers or skin damage.

- Zipped around 3 sides for ease of inspection and makes laundering a lot easier.

- Maximum user weight: 110kg for the 120 mm version and up to 140kg for the 150 mm version.

This product has a one year warranty.

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Technical data
Technical data


2000 x 880 x 150 mm / 2000 x 880 x 120 mm

Max. User weight

Max. User weight

140 kg / 110 kg

Max. cleaning temperature

Max. cleaning temperature


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