Invacare TDX SP2 Low rider powerchair


The new TDX SP2 Low Rider features a drop down seat unit to boast unrivalled low seat to ground heights of either 403mm or 420mm. This allows practical driving positions combined with the ability to easily access WAVs, fit under tables and align with a variety of transfer surfaces.

The range features our versatile and highly adaptable Modulite®

seating system. Designed to provide maximum comfort and postural support, the system has easy, stepless adjustments to accommodate changes in your requirements.

Low rider features LiNX technology, the system’s intelligence interprets, learns and adapts to your driving habits to ensure the drive of the powerchair is always optimised and well balanced. This gives greater control and hold on slopes, no rollback, and greatly improved drive over surfaces at low speeds, like thick rugs or carpets.

Our range of LiNX remotes have harnessed innovative, touchscreen technology to offer a fresh approach to powerchair controls. LiNX is all about connectivity, using Bluetooth simply connect to PCs, laptops and Macs - keeping you in touch with your world. Whether you’re looking for basic drive only functionality or the latest touchscreen remotes, our LiNX Technology offers you smart controls, in tune with your life.

Available through Motability scheme.