Toilet seat raisers

Toilet seat raisers

Designed to offer a greater degree of comfort and independence when toileting, toilet sear raisers are a practical solution. These products attached securely and safely to the toilet to raise the height of the average toilet seat. They are designed to reduce the distance in reaching the toilet which can significantly help individuals who have limited mobility or those living with arthritis and joint pain.

Aquatec 90 Product

Aquatec 90

This sleek toilet seat raiser raises the toilet seat by100mm. It attaches safely to the toilet with two side clamps, also has a large turning knob for quick attachment and...

Aquatec 900 Product

Aquatec 900

The Aquatec 900 is a securely attached toilet seat raiser with individual adjustment to the user at any time. The Aquatec 900 has fold-away ergonomic armrests for additional...

Aquatec 90 000

Aquatec 90000

The Aquatec 90000 is a toilet seat raiser available in three different sizes 2, 4 and 6”. Swing away ergonomic armrests for additional support when sitting down and standing up...

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Toilet seat raisers fit over conventional toilets  with some models featuring adjustable armrests for additional support and less pressure on the knees when bending.