Toilet frames

Toilet frames

Toilet frames for comfortable and safe access to the toilet

For people with limited mobility using a standard toilet presents a challenge and having to sit down on a lower surface may result in severe joint or muscular pain. There is also a risk of losing balance and feeling unsteady. To help with this, we offer an assortment of toilet frames and toilet seat raisers that can increase the toilet height making it more accessible and easier to access.

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Invacare Adeo C407A Toilet Frame

The Invacare Adeo C407A is a commode which is height adjustable from 640 – 740mm. Complete with armrests as standard and fits most standard toilets.

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Toilet frames are available in various designs with adjustable features to suit individual needs. They’re made of high-quality materials with safety, durability and reliability at the core of their design. The frames are designed to fit around most standard toilets providing safe and comfortable support.