Shower stools fixed and folding

Shower stools fixed and folding

Invacare’s family of shower stools makes bathing an enjoyable experience

Access to bathing and hygiene shouldn’t be a challenge for people with limited mobility. Our range of shower stools offer highly-adjustable and configurable solutions to people who need extra support in the bathroom.

Cadiz Shower Stool

Cadiz Shower Stool

A high quality and cost effective solution for showeringand dressing
Easy to handle seating height adjustment from 360 to 510 mm - in 13 steps

Key Features:
Ergonomic seat surface

Pico Stool

Aquatec Pico Range

The Aquatec Pico family is a modular shower chair system which includes three con figurations: Aquatec Pico, Pico with Armrests, and Pico with Backrest. The Aquatec Pico family...

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Ideal for both elderly and people with disabilities, these products offer a safe and practical solution that builds confidence for both individuals and carers during hygiene and bathing times.

Available as either fixed or folding products, these shower stools are compact, safe and comfortable to use.They include a number of add-ons for improved safety.

These stools are customisable with options that provide versatile products to be used in different environments that suit individual needs. A range of seating options, ergonomic seats with holes for water to flow away and hygienic designs that allow for easy access. The bath stools offer a degree of adjustability with height adjustable feet.

Designed to be durable, stable, these shower stools are manufactured from high quality materials that are lightweight, compact and easy for transportation or storage.