Shower chairs to push

Shower chairs to push

Invacare’s shower chairs offer safety and comfort

A range of high quality, modular shower chairs available as fixed or folding designs to offer a smart solution when showering and toileting. Keeping balance and standing for a long time in the shower can prove to be a challenge for the elderly and people with mobility issues. This can make bath time a struggle and lead to an increased risk of slippage and falls. In addition, inadequate personal hygiene can bring a host of health-related complications.

Aquatec Ocean E-VIP Shower Chair

Aquatec Ocean E-VIP

With its full powered adjustment, the Aquatec Ocean E-VIP shower
chair commode allows carers to carry out personal care in safety
and comfort; minimising risk of injury. Adjustment...

Ocean VIP Ergo CV06 Image

Aquatec Ocean VIP Ergo Family

The Aquatec Ocean VIP Ergo and Ocean Dual VIP Ergo are modular tilt in space shower chair commodes designed to suit a wide range of individuals and their postural needs. Both...

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Our family of fixed and folding shower chairs offer a perfect solution. These products provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience whether in the shower or using a bath. They are available in compact designs, easy to use and many products can fold away making them ideal for transportation especially when on holiday.Shower chairs provide a safe and sturdy solution when bathing providing comfortable product to give an individual confidence. An individual’s size, weight and bathing requirements should be taken into consideration when selecting a shower chair.

Our range of versatile solutions provides a solution for many individual needs whether you select a shower chair to self propel or push, these products offer a host of features for use in different settings, including configurable solutions, adjustability and a host of accessories. Its height adjustments allow for greater comfort and easier access for carers. They feature a non slip design with rubber caps on the legs for stable product placement and include ergonomic seats, backrests and armrests.