Shower chairs to push

Shower chairs to push

A range of high quality, modular shower chairs available as fixed or folding designs to offer a smart solution when showering and toileting.

Aquatec Ocean E-VIP Shower Chair

With its full powered adjustment, the Aquatec Ocean E-VIP shower
chair commode allows carers to carry out personal care in safety
and comfort; minimising risk of injury. Adjustment...

The Invacare Ocean Ergo is built to enhance independence, safety, and flexibility. It is packed with a range of new features to make personal care activities easier for both the...

Ocean VIP Ergo BE11 Image
The Aquatec Ocean VIP Ergo and Ocean Dual VIP Ergo are modular tilt in space shower chair commodes designed to suit a wide range of individuals and their postural needs. Both...
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