Practical bathing solutions with bathlifters

Stable and robust, bathlifters offer a practical solution when bathing. These products are an ideal support for individuals who have difficulty getting into and out of a bath. They offer comfort, safety and reassurance for those in need of extra assistance and support when bathing.

OrcaNG Product

Aquatec Orca NG

Aquatec Orca features an impressive weight limit of 140 kg, increased legroom for deeper and more relaxed bathing, among other functions. Our Invacare Aquatec Orca range provides...

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A bath lift has a seat or cushion that gently lowers a person to the bottom of a bath. The product is designed like a chair that is positioned inside the bath with an electric seat that raises or lowers an individual.  A person can remain in the bathlifter whilst bathing. The bath lift seat can swivel to help a person get their legs into and out of the bath

Bathlifters are ideally suited for people who have a weakness in their legs, back pain, balance problems, pain or weakness in the upper body, or for rehabilitation purposes when recovering from an operation.