Safe and comfortable bathing

Invacare’s range of bathing products bring peace of mind to individuals when bathing. From bathlifters to bath boards, these practical solutions provide extra safety against slipping and are especially useful for people with limited mobility, or living with painful conditions, and elderly individuals who may be at a higher risk of slipping in the bathtub.Ideal for use in the bath,

Marina XL H113 Bathboard

The Invacare Marina XL H113 bath board is suitable for use in most standard bathtubs with individual adjustment possibilities to adjust accordingly. Benefiting from all the...

Marina Product

Invacare Marina

The Invacare Marina H112 bath board is suitable for use in most standard bathtubs as it can be individually adjusted and customised. The unique surface structure ensures you have a...

Aquatec Step Product

Aquatec Step

The Aquatec Step is designed for safe and easy bath access by reducing the danger of falling in the bath. It has a stable frame, with feet and non-slip rubber. The Aquatec Step is...

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Choosing the right product is important to ensure it meets the individual needs. Bath boards are positioned across the bathtub providing a safe and comfortable surface for bathing or showering. The boards feature non-slip seating and hand grips for added safety. Bath boards can be adjusted and available in XL versions for individuals up to 200kg weight capacity.

Bath steps are a great way to help an individual step into a bath or shower. They feature a non-slip surface with rubber capped feet for added safety. Using a step makes it easier to access a bathtub and can be combined with Invacare grab bars for added safety when getting into and out of a bath.