Choosing a mobility scooter

Why choose a mobility scooter?

Keeping mobile is key to leading a full and independent lifestyle. A mobility scooter is the product of choice; if you can travel relatively independently, mount and dismount the scooter on your own and are capable of using a “bicycle handlebar” style steering column, or tiller.

There are a few types of mobility scooter to be considered. These are:

Lightweight scooters for daily activities - Colibri

• Easy to transport
• Features a ‘Litelock’ system - easily dismantles to fit in small spaces (car boot or storage)
• 136kg maximum user weight
• Shorter driving range - up to 16km on one charge
• Available in 5 stylish colours
• 3 or 4 wheel options

Powerful scooters for reliable and safe journeys – Leo or Orion

• Travels at speeds up to 6mph
• 136kg maximum user weight
• Larger driving range
• Wide range of accessories (basket, cane holder or a lockable front box)
• Durable
• Choice of 3 vibrant colours
• 3 or 4 wheel options

Scooters for performance and durability – Comet or Comet HD

• Can travel at speeds up to 8mph
• Longer driving range – up to 55km
• Improved driving performance over terrain
• Automatic speed reduction
• 160kg maximum user weight for Comet or 220kg for Comet HD
• Available in 3 stylish colours

Finding the scooter best suited to you

What you need to know:

• Your height and weight
• Type of terrain in your local area
• How far you plan to travel daily
• If you will require an easily transportable product
• How much space you have to store it

Once you know all of these details, it’s easy to select the mobility scooter best suited to you.

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