Benefits of using a mobility scooter



Do more of what you want - when you want. If you ever find yourself waiting around for people to assist you with daily tasks and errands (e.g. for a lift to the local shop), a mobility scooter could allow you to take matters into your own hands. This way you can get out and about as you normally would but without relying so much on others.


A mobility scooter can go 4-8 mph which means you will be able to keep up with friends and family on days out without tiring so easily, keeping you sociable and happy. Having confidence and the energy to keep up with others is an important element for your health and well-being, otherwise it could lead to less desire to socialise creating isolation, which is becoming common particularly among the elderly in the UK. See Age UK’s Combating Loneliness campaign here.


Unlike most wheelchairs, mobility scooters have a seat that swivels allowing easy access on and off. These seats are adjustable in height.  In addition to this, some mobility scooters can be dismantled which not only saves space but also ensures easy transportation. Other useful features include:

A range of accessories...

Take all your necessary belongings with you safely in our range of compatible bags, baskets and lockable boxes.

Different size scooters for different needs...

•    Boot scooters – easily transportable
•    Medium range scooters – travel independently
•    Large and heavy duty scooters – comfort

Range of battery sizes to meet individual requirements...

How far do you plan to travel in your scooter without a charging period? Choose from a variety of battery sizes depending on your daily routine and your personal requirements. You’re more likely to require a larger battery size if you tend to spend long periods out of your home or if you’re looking for a heavy duty mobility scooter.

Your scooter should reach full capacity provided you charge it the required amount of 10-20 hours each charge which is most conveniently done overnight. To get the most out of your scooter battery follow the guidelines on our best practice video here.


With all the new designs and variations, a mobility scooter can, to some extent, be an expansion of your personality. Colour customisation and unique adaptions can give you that personal touch to your scooter and don’t forget that Style Is Forever.

Designs have changed over the years and now offer...

•    More ergonomic steering/handlebars
•    Comfortable driving positions
•    Safety features like speed reduction when turning corners
•    Lights, horn reflective seating

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