Fault Finding on Powerchairs


Fault Finding on Powerchairs

LiNX programming fault finding image

Time: 10am - 12pm
Platform: MS Teams

This course will go through specific methods of identifying and resolving faults.

Who will benefit from this training?
• Technicians
• Rehab Engineers
• Invacare Retailers
• Occupational Therapists

- Control system overview
- Test points
- PC and iOS overview
     - connecting to the chair
     - Saving the program
     - Chair log
     - Writing a program
     - Writing a bundle fix
- Understanding LiNX flash codes
     - Overview of 7 types of flash code
     - Understand each type
     - How to fix identified faults

All courses are held online via MS Teams, please ensure you're set up to use Teams prior to the training. To book your place please email uk@invacare.com