Vicair Mattresses

Vicair Mattresses

Comfort and support when its needed

A comprehensive range of high quality, pressure reducing mattresses and overlays, tried and trusted by Healthcare Professionals. Whether individuals spend prolonged periods of time in bed or not, the quality of mattress is of vital importance for maintaining a comfortable and safe posture. Especially for individuals with mobility issues, the choice of mattress can provide relief for aches related to poor posture and minimise the risk of developing pressure ulcers. On top of it all, the products featured here work without the need for electrical power.

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Vicair mattresses with our breakthrough SmartCell technology

One of the significant advantages of these mattresses is that they don’t require electricity to operate. Instead, our innovative SmartCell technology continuously cares for the individual’s comfort and support without having to worry about finding an electrical outlet.

This, in addition to the high portability of the mattress, makes these products an excellent solution for a variety of settings, especially for situations where easy storage or transportability are of high importance

How does the SmartCell technology work its wonders?

The mattress is filled with hundreds of pyramid-shaped air-filled cells, which are in turn placed in tens of compartments. The number of cells in each compartment can be adjusted to provide a tailored fit to the patient. This system offers excellent positioning, comfort and pressure redistribution of these mattresses. The SmartCells are coated with fabric which minimises friction when they touch each other, allowing for a great adaptation to the user’s body. They are also easily replaceable in the unlikely event that a cell gets damaged.

This breakthrough technology cares for the proper posture of users, which minimises shear—one of the main contributing factors to developing pressure ulcers. The dynamic surface that the SmartCell technology provides allows the mattress the serve a range of user needs, such as postural asymmetries and other conditions.

With regards to pressure ulcers, these models are suitable for users at 'very high risk' of developing them. The mattresses reduce shear and friction even when patients are sitting in an upright position, making these products suitable for a range of conditions.

Of course, these mattresses provide excellent comfort thanks to their smart construction. In addition to the SmartCell technology, a sturdy foam base layer provides extra care for the comfort and support of the user. The foam minimises the 'hammocking' effect, allowing for an optimal interface therapy.

The great benefits of these products are also available for heavier users thanks to our bariatric option, which comes with a maximum load capacity of up to 500kg.