Mobility products price list

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All order forms effective 1 March 2021


AVIVA RX40 HD.pdf (412.93 KB)


Fox.pdf (505.01 KB)
FOX Modulite.pdf (585.35 KB)
Fox Modulite Teen.pdf (325.91 KB)
Fox in a Box.pdf (328.39 KB)


Storm 4 Modulite.pdf (662.04 KB)
Storm 4 Max.pdf (855.76 KB)
Storm 4 X-plore.pdf (369.02 KB)
TDX SP2 NB.pdf (749.87 KB)
TDX SP2 NB Teen.pdf (429.87 KB)
TDX SP2 Low Rider.pdf (639.88 KB)
TDX SP2 HD.pdf (417.8 KB)
TDX SP2 MAX.pdf (342.81 KB)
TDX SP2 Sprint.pdf (298.75 KB)
TDX2 Ultra.pdf (1.02 MB)
TDX2 Ultra NB.pdf (1.02 MB)


Manual Chairs

Heavy Duty wheelchair

Rea - tilt in Space wheelchairs