No incidents of pressure ulcers in 4 years!


No incidents of pressure ulcers in 4 years!

The Central England Rehabilitation Unit (CERU) has reported that they have had no incidents of pressure ulcers in 4 years!

The CERU offers neuro rehabilitation to adults following acquired brain injury - a national centre of excellence it’s been established for over 20 years. This state of the art 42 bed centre is recognised as one of the leading units for providing patients with specialist rehabilitation.

Kathy Wagstaff is the Clinical Lead Nurse at CERU who have been using the Softform® Premier Active 2 mattress in the facility for more than 4 years. Providing patients with rehabilitation after serious brain injury, the Active 2 is crucial to their pressure ulcer prevention strategy.

Discussing the Softform® Premier Active 2, Kathy Wagstaff of the CERU stated:

“We have used the Invacare Softform® Premier Active 2 hybrid mattress at the unit for approximately 4 years. It is our mattress of choice due to the many benefits it brings to the rehabilitation environment.
Patients report that they are very comfortable, and the Active 2 feels more like their own bed than other healthcare mattresses they have experienced. Because they are suitable for a wide range of patients and conditions, they are able to be used on patients who are at ‘High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers. Moreover, we haven’t had an acquired pressure ulcer on the unit for 4 years!”

Read the full story here: No Incidents of Pressure Ulcers in 4 years - CERU.pdf

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